Chisamba: Initiation Dance from Malawi

  Recorded at Kalupe village Sub T/A Nkagula, Zomba; Malawi, 12.02.2018; Dyna Malamusi Chisamba is an initiation dance performed by a group of elderly women when a woman gets her first child as a way to welcome her to motherhood. These women sings, drumms and dances to songs that carries some useful information to their fellow woman.

Jacaranda cultural troupe

In Malawi and many African countries, to dance is to live. In this video clip, Jacaranda cultural troupe show off their dance talents at Balantyre arts festival 2017. Recorded on 08.12.2017, Blantyre, Malawi  

Nyao dance

Recorded at Dzunga village, Mozambique, 13.07.2014 ; Dyna Malamusi Nyao as it is called in Mozambique, is a masked dance performed by the chewa of Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia. It takes place usually at male initiation ceremonies, funerals, installation of chiefs and . The dance is a symbolic as a meddium between the ancestral world…

Mbira (Lamellophone): by Tobias Dzandiwandira and sons

Mbira (lamellophone), a musical instrument that was independently developed in many African countries, is most popular in the South-East Africa. The instrument is made of 22-28 lamellae (toungues) arranged in two ranks which are attached to a hardwood soundboard. The soundboard  is usually placed inside a large gourd to amplify the sound. On the outside…

Chinamwali dance

Chinamwali  is an initiation ceremony for females who have reached a certain age. It is popular among most Malawian ethnic groups whereby a girl who has reached puberty age undergoes a special training. Normally this training takes place for about a week whereby the the initiated girl is taught a lot of things ranging from…

Mafuwe dance from Mozambique

Mafuwe is a traditional dance performed by women usually during wedding cerebrations in Mozambique and some parts of Zimbabwe. This video was recorded at Dzunga village, Mozambique, Africa.   Never miss a new video! Subscribe here!