Chinamwali dance

Chinamwali  is an initiation ceremony for females who have reached a certain age. It is popular among most Malawian ethnic groups whereby a girl who has reached puberty age undergoes a special training. Normally this training takes place for about a week whereby the the initiated girl is taught a lot of things ranging from taking care of their own households when they reach mature age to personal hygiene and taking care of  their husbands and children when they marry. During this period, the women gather to dance and share their experiences as adults. Chinamwali is also found in eastern province of Zambia.

Recorded by Author  24.07.2016, Chinkango village, Malawi

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  1. Ruth says:

    Impressive I like the dance

    1. patrick says:

      Hi Ruth,

      thank you. Indeed, the dance is impressive. Have you also seen the Mafuwe dance?

      Or the Youtube Channel?

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